Call it shameless, but I've reached the verdict of "guilty as charged." Let's see if you can relate to or be ashamed of me!
  1. Batman Forever
    In a way, this movie was my Batmania growing up. When the Bat Credit Card wasn't enough, I was ready for the next level: Bat Nipples. And this candid Bat Butt.
  2. Being older than my age-group.
    No, it's not a hipster thing. People say act your age, but since when do we designate behavior to a number? I understand some age-groups have certain behaviors, but some bunches are bound to have one odd-man-out. That one, is me.
  3. Sharpening pencils for too long
    Give me a pencil and a pencil sharpener and I go to town. I especially enjoy it when it's the only sound in the room.
  4. Anything and anyone old
    Again, it's not a hipster thing. I'm an old soul and I gravitate towards the days of yore. Technology, music, movies, people, all the oldies. The Blob is my favorite B-Movie.
  5. Singing in the shower
    Giphy downsized medium
    No one knows or they don't ever mention it, but I sing like a cat on a fence in the middle of the night.
  6. Anime
    It all started with Sailor Moon, then One Piece, after it was Dragonball Z, Pokémon and the rest is history. Zatch Bell! is my favorite. My kryptonite has to be the females of anime too. Misty from Pokémon, Nami from One Piece, Roxanne from A Goofy Movie, all coincidental redheads. It was an innocent time until now.
  7. Buying more books than I read
    It's the true sign of a bibliophile. When you buy all the books you plan to read but only read one out of the stack you add to the many other stacks on your backlog. I have to enjoy the first read as much as the last!
  8. Saying something I think is cool but is actually genuinely nerdy
    This happens with women a lot. I'll try to say something clever or spark up a topic that they can relate to and it backfires without fail (or with fail?) Ladies, I swear it's not me trying to come on to you. I just figure trying too hard is what all the cool cats are doing. At least we can laugh at my expense wholeheartedly and be nerdy in the process!
  9. Telling people something I just learned getting them to think
    Every TED talk, any educational program or documentary I've seen turns me into a transceiver for anyone who doesn't ask. I get the urge to share my wealth of knowledge and it's just not fair if they don't care enough as I do.
  10. Walking around the house naked when no one's around
    The feeling of being free from the chains that are your clothes is hard to explain. Think of it this way: remember that beautiful, warm and windy day? That's what being naked at home feels like, with all the elements of Mother Nature knowing you too well. Just be thankful it's not a glass house.