Magic Time Ball, please be kind.
  1. Read more books with a challenge
    This was inspired by @strandbookstore and their How to Jump Start Your Year of Reading list. I'm not just talking about page length, but some classics and not well-known novels that have been translated multiple times. I'll slowly make my way to more modern authors but I have to check out the authors from classic literature first.
  2. Write more short stories
    It goes without saying that I'll be writing (but I confess to slacking in that department, but it was for creative reasons. 😅) So far I've written down summaries for short stories I have in mind but have not developed each of them further. It's been poetry for the most part and my process usually starts out as poetry if not a single idea for a story. From the poetry I can make out a short story but the summaries I have are just summaries and I'm looking to capitalize on that.
  3. Be more personable
    I'm very unassuming and it can be misconstrued as me being aloof. When people get to know me however that isn't and wasn't the case. I'd like to bypass that barrier and get to know people and let people get to know me from the first impression moving forward. Asking for their names, what they do for fun or work, and being more approachable and less shy is the intent.
  4. Working out and eating right
    Stereotypical resolution or not, all resolutions are lifestyle choices and changes. This one is no different and requires check and balance. A salad with every meal, water over soda, a set of exercises for throughout the day if not at a set time are all willingly possible. It takes discipline and determination and I'm going without cheat days. Feel free to send me postcards with scented pictures of the food I want to eat!
  5. Be true
    Don't change who you identify as. Don't change for anyone else. Change for you and be true.