1. A recovery button for the delete button
    A recycle bin would be nice for ultimately deleting a draft. I was making a 100+ list, saved changes to it and the content was deleted but not the list.
  2. Web-based functionality
    Working from your computer rather than your phone is more convenient at times. Other apps do this such as Ever note and Li.st would only benefit from this.
  3. Unlimited items per list
    The maximum item count for a list is 99. What if a list calls for the desired 100 and so on? It would make for more interesting lists and if there has to be a max limit, stop it somewhere more reasonable.
  4. Recommendations
    Fellow Li.sters and lists to follow by subject or interests would be a nice addition. Sorting through them would especially be easier through the web version of the app as well.
  5. Hyperlinks/GIFs
    Sometimes we want readers of our lists to see more than we can give them. Links to articles to further their interest would be great. As for GIFs, Android users aren't able to use them but Apple users are. Support for homemade GIFs would be great like the ones we download that don't show up in the app search for GIFs.