Jaw with me won't you? 📝 For @kellyk!
  1. College days remind me of a Stealers Wheel song about being in the middle.
  2. I'm not on the fence about anything or in a liminal state of affairs.
  3. You could say that I've painted my fence for wont of a certain countenance.
  4. I realize not everyone wants to realize however.
  5. The foreign exchange students, as they briefly discussed behind my door, think that I think I'm at Harvard. Shows what standards they hold themselves to, and it's very little compared to mine. I may not be at Harvard but I work harder today so that I get to work hard tomorrow. Regardless of the school I go to, there is no substitute for hard work.
    Those two either refuse to or do not understand that. They come to Florida or America and think it's nothing but a getaway. Sadly mistaken. I would say that the third of us four leads the impressionable two, but if you ask me, they're all followers.
  6. Here's what the apartment looks like:
  7. A monument to their stupidity
    There's more, they didn't fit in the frame.
  8. The trash man would be appalled.
    I suggested early in the semester that we should buy a trash can. They preferred the floor.
  9. One of them is from India and he's a smoker. Our school is a smoke-free campus but of course he pays no attention to that. He probably formed the habit because of the stereotype that all Americans smoke (in films). Ignorance is not bliss.
  10. They're a sad case, but I've made my say and I'll continue with my good deeds if they won't have their start.
  11. Now for my classes! 📚
  12. Wuthering Heights is a deep-seated, psychological and physical drama that gets better with each character's revelation. The description of their countenance (countenance being Emily Brontë's magic word) were thoroughly appreciated. Similar sounding names were fun to keep track of. I read volume I. and a bit of II. Part Romantic, part Victorian = 💜
    I learned early on not to become what Heathcliff did. Thanks for asking what I think of W.H. @kcupcaker! The next novel for us is Jude the Obscure.
  13. John Milton set the precedent for finding truth. I had a presentation for Books I and II of Paradise Lost and we had to record it for the professor since he was at a conference. Listening to my voice took some getting used to, and I imagine my class felt the same way. I think it went well though.
  14. Wrote my first paper on Samuel Taylor Coleridge's The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. My professor said in a lecture there was no reason for killing the albatross but I argue that there was. It's a frame narrative with a moral, so if there's something right to do, there must be something wrong to do. I think I did a bang up job with it!
    I cannot resist wordplay, and I love my title!
  15. The Age of Milton and English Literature II courses are going well. I have Practical Criticism which is basically New Criticism only relying on evidence in the text. My online course Ethnic Literature opened my eyes to the manipulation and subtle différance that the majority withholds and unleashes at their self-aggrandizing will.
  16. College is going well for me in my thoughts and words and actions. It can be the physical environment that can influence my projection of self but slightly. There's nothing like looking forward to the better things.
  17. Hope whoever is in school, stays in school and finds something he or she loves to do.
  18. We all find our way; you can therefore you will do it!
  19. Your kindred spirit,
    Brent Wiggins
  20. P.S. I'm a writer. I have these tendencies that must be said and noticed for the simple and efficacious reason that I write. To capture and nourish the world as it comes and goes. Everyone can be a writer and a writer can be everyone. You can write anything. That's why I write.