1. I want to apologize to @lexie_elyse @talor and anyone who took offense to my last list, Laugh At Your Demons
  2. I apologize for the lack of concern that was replaced by my confidence.
  3. I apologize for the lack of concern and I understand that humor is a temporary gain.
  4. My intentions were not to "laugh off" the results of this election, far from it.
  5. The fact that a man of his caliber and so many others just as worse are feeling comfortable because of him does not garner a laugh and does not garner a laugh from me.
  6. I apologize for my list expressing otherwise.
  7. I was inconsiderate in the writing of that list and felt that the symbols that represent this man could be removed from his name.
  8. I know this is not surmountable given his incorrigible nature and the people who hold their values where their vices are in support of him.
  9. There is power in numbers.
  10. But his numbers don't add up.
  11. They don't but logic won't convince them otherwise.
  12. Our numbers, the people that care, show concern, empathy, love.
  13. Our numbers add up and surpass their numbers.
  14. While their busy dividing, we'll be busy multiplying.
  15. I'm white and I don't agree with the divide that's been placed between me because of it.
  16. I can't say I don't feel privileged. I do feel ashamed and guilty that because I'm white, people treat me differently.
  17. I don't agree with this world seeing in colors to make purposed distinctions.
  18. I don't agree with people being separated, marginalized, dehumanized because of their diversity.
  19. Despite our differences, be they obvious or varied, to quote Maya Angelou's poem "Human Family,"
  20. We are more alike than we are unalike.