Campus, here I come.
  1. My books came in the mail Wednesday (8/17). The four are for one class and the one thick one is for the other.
  2. Static
    Here you have two Norton Anthologies and Jude the Obscure and Wuthering Heights.
  3. Static
    John Milton: The Major Works
  4. Thick spines! So sexy 😍
  5. My day on Friday (8/19):
  6. 9 AM
  7. 10 AM
    Line out the door
  8. 10:30 AM
    Dolly my belongings to my room
  9. 11 AM
    Meet new roommate; exchange numbers.
  10. 11:30 AM
    Leave to return this Saturday; Lunchtime
  11. Saturday (8/20):
  12. 9 - 9:30 AM
    Closet cleaned out. Except some books. By "some" I mean "most."
  13. 10 AM
    Search for a mini fridge.
  14. 11AM
    Look elsewhere.
  15. 12 PM
    Decide to regroup at home and find the mini fridge tomorrow.
  16. Sunday (8/21):
  17. 1 PM
    Went to brother's soccer game; the search for the mini fridge continues.
  18. 4 PM
    Clothes packed.
  19. Every last thread.
  20. 5 PM
    Met the rest of the roommates.
  21. The last two are foreign exchange students. One is from Germany and the other is from India.
  22. They are very kind.
  23. 6 PM
    Next door roommates are foreign exchange students. All females. One's from the UK and is studying English Literature like me!
  24. 9 - 10 PM
    Two of them including UK Girl come over to our apartment and watch TLC Amish people. I got to talking with her about what she likes to read and she smells heavenly! I asked her if she needed more room on the couch and she said no, I'm fine. I was less than an inch from her.
  25. I think I'm in love 😍
    Of course the foreign exchange students are familiar with each other so my guys can be my wing men. I've never had a wing man before. Just wings at a bar & grille. This is my first time back on campus mind you.
  26. 10:30 PM
    Check emails/updates for classes.
  27. 11:00 PM
    Find out my first and only class tomorrow is cancelled and will reconvene on Wednesday. It would have been at 11:30!
  28. Monday (8/21):
  29. 7:30 AM
    Sweat dreams 😴
  30. Not bad for a first day back.