Those exercise gurus don't advertise like I do.
  1. Laugh Your Way To Abs
    Reruns of The Office, let's do this.
  2. Sit For Gorgeous Glutes
  3. Stand and Be Thin
  4. Stretch For Muscles On Muscles
  5. Blink and Shrink Three Waist Sizes
  6. Push-ups To Push Down the Earth
    Thank you Chuck Norris.
  7. Literal Chin-ups
    All the results from nothing but head bobbing.
  8. Finger Calisthenics For When You're AFK To Strengthen Your Typing Touch
  9. Snap Into an Actual Slim Jim
    All you need is a finger, a thumb and the ability to snap them and you can fit into anything! Even a Slim Jim.
  10. For Each Food You Eat, One Food Will Reduce the Calories of That Other Food
    It's like eating nothing, but you'll fulfill your hunger! Imagine donuts reduced to the value of broccoli... We've found what moderation is all about after all.
  11. Take Hot Showers/Baths, Burn Calories
  12. Eat a Piece of Pound Cake, Lose a Pound
  13. Sneeze and Be Lean
  14. Hop, Skip and Jump For Lovely Lady Lumps
    A nice romp for a nice rump or a pump for those bumps.
  15. Make a Pun To Stay Hung
    That's what she said. *Boi-oi-oi-oing*
  16. With these quick exercises, you too can be the spitting image of health.