Who is your favorite literary character, be it from a poem, short story or novel, and why? Inspired by @ReadingChallenge (Least Favorite Literary Characters) and @Starmist.
  1. Charlie Bucket - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    Growing up, I felt similar to him. With his demeanor and taking things in rather than as granted, this character kept me humble despite being separated from everyone else and in light of great things to come.
  2. Holden Caulfield
    everyone hates him but I could relate so much to Holden when I first read Catcher.
    Suggested by @analyce
  3. Clarissa McClellen— Young and naive, and yet she had the sense to ask 'why', she was always cheerful in a depressing world and most importantly, she thought for herself. She helped change the world and her impact continued even after she died- that's the dream.
    Suggested by @smmrnss