hey, list nudge.. 😝😊 you already told me you would

All right @kellyk, I'm on it. Here's my Li.st girlfriend everyone!
  1. Who could say no to that face.
    Don't worry, she's not mad at you. She was expecting this list request not to be belated I'm sure.
  2. She's always keeping me on my toes.
    Thanks for the reminder 😉
  3. She likes almost 99% of my lists.
    She's very supportive.
  4. She has a great sense of humor.
    I mean who else laughs at penguin farts.
  5. It's official, she and I are an item.
  6. She's the better kisser.
    I'm surprised I have a tongue to talk with.
  7. She knows me so well!
    I think 😜
  8. Now we're even.