My belated condolences to Biz, the love she showed and received in return. Thanks to @Diplomatic_diva and @alyssapoliti for their honorary lists as well: HOW TO BE ME IN 5 EASY STEPSHOW TO BE ME IN 5 EASY STEPS
  1. Give logical input but emotional output.
    Perhaps the mask is only a mask so bias or unruly power does not hinder or inflate his pursuits? The mask keeps him honest and sincere, but he knows he can be better without it but wears it to make sure he is unconditional in his outpouring of love. If only he took off the mask, not for us but for himself! 💭💜
  2. Be friendly but not necessarily a friend.
    You understand that not everyone will or can be your friend. They can however be a friend in that they are friendly. Whether it's for a while or a short time, a friend is someone who is willing to be as much. 🌐
  3. Listen twice as much as you speak.
    You notice your father told you this growing up and you found out he had been quoting the Greek philosopher Epictetus all that time. You are more attentive than most but measure your words like Gandhi. Rarely are you without a thought to be spoken.👂
  4. Profess your love for Ray Bradbury.
    You're a Bradbury lover which means you're a lover. You look to what and who you love and know that in all things, love will see you through. 📚
  5. Talk about things that matter.
    The drama of the work day. Out. The "he-said, she-said" wrap-around. Out. Drama that wasn't made for a stage. Three strikes and you're out. If you look forward to hearing from your friends, family, and the things that make us better rather than detract or distract from us, than congratulations, you've made it home! 🏠 Thank you @biz for being you: HOW TO BE ME IN 5 EASY STEPS