It's like the paper version of the Magic 8 Ball. 🔮 Thanks for the List Request @Dashelamet! Adapted from our lists: (Brent) I'm So Old... and (Laurie) I'M SO OLD ...
  1. Laurie requested I make a tutorial for the popular childhood pasttime, the cootie catcher.
  2. It goes by other names as well, such as chatterbox, whirlybird, salt cellar or simply the paper fortune teller.
    For the complete origin of the origami game, check out Mental_Floss' article:
  3. Now here's how to make your own! 💡
  4. 1. Grab a piece of copy paper.
  5. 2. Take a corner and fold it down three-fourths of the paper. Cut off the rectangle beneath the fold.
  6. 3. Now you have a perfect square. Fold corner to corner from both sides to get an "X" crease.
  7. 4. Begin folding each corner to the center of the "X."
  8. 5. Fold the new corners to the center of the "X" again.
  9. 6. On each of the right triangles, write the numbers one through eight.
  10. 7. Under each triangle, write that number's fortune to be told.
  11. 8. Flip to the opposite side (numbers facing down) and color each mini square (a total of four) a different color.
    I was one of those kids who wrote his name on his markers.
  12. 9. Flip over to the numbers side and fold both sides of the numbers (top four and side four) on to each other, hamburger style.
  13. 10. Stick your thumbs under each color's flap and...
  14. Tell some fortunes!
  15. Here's how to play! 🎲
  16. 1. Pick a color and the fortune teller will spell out the color, treating each letter as a number as he/she unfolds and folds up-down and side-to-side.
  17. 2. Where ever the fortune teller stops, you'll choose a number and he/she will count out that number of folds and unfolds.
  18. 3. Again, when he/she has stopped, you will choose a number to be unfolded and that number's fortune will be yours.
  19. Takes me back to middle school. The fortunes of course were pretty gross depending on how you looked at it. I made four bad fortunes and four good ones to keep it even. I'll post them in the comments if you want to know them all.
  20. Have fun! 😊