And then some.
  1. Approachable than distant.
  2. Bovine than sheepish.
  3. Courteous than slapdash.
  4. Docile than harmful.
  5. Expressive than blatant.
  6. Focused than lost.
  7. Grateful than granted.
  8. Horny than hung.
    That's right, I have female boners. They still count! I get turned on by subjective things.
  9. Humble than privileged.
  10. Inverted than intrepid.
  11. Jolly Roger than [INSERT PIRATE NAME HERE]
    I'm more of the symbol of a crew than a pirate.
  12. Kind than nice.
    Kind is the action verb, nice is the adjective.
  13. Komondor than Collie.
    As far as dogs go, they're pretty cool:
  14. Learned than ignorant.
  15. Mannered than flattering.
  16. Notable than noticeable.
  17. Old soul than drably.
  18. Omnivorous than Herbivorous.
  19. Open-minded than close-minded.
  20. Peaceful than confrontational.
  21. Quiet than loud.
  22. Respect than friends.
  23. Reasonable than unreasonable.
  24. Sentimental than materialistic.
  25. Serious than sad.
  26. Silly than sexy.
    Which somehow is still sexy to some people.
  27. Smart than foolish.
  28. Sorry than contempt.
  29. Stubborn than impatient.
  30. Supported than understood.
  31. Thirsty than hungry.
  32. Understanding than outraged.
  33. Voluminous than wordy.
    I admit I have been wordy often.
  34. Wary than hesitant.
  35. Xylophone than Triangle.
    I preferred the wooden percussion instrument because it required keeping a multitudinous rhythm in tune with the metronome. Fifth grade music class was awesome!
  36. Yearn than earn.
    I work hard and I know I can work harder. This is a goal I'll never stop yearning for and I will earn it.
  37. You than me.
    I care too much for fear that people don't care at all.
  38. Zaftig than abdominal.
    I'm the Abdominal Snowman; check out my icepack!