This was inspired by a song called "Short Skirt/Long Jacket" by Cake Let's see how lenient my girl can be. Also my girlfriend.
  1. That doesn't mind me waking up early.
    Sometimes I like to feel like I have the place to myself. I said sometimes...! Love you babe! 😗
  2. That doesn't mind when I fart. 💨
    That's what I call shooting the breeze! By the way, hot air rises.
  3. That thinks I'm handsome, not cute
    There is a difference. Johnny Depp is somewhere inbetween and so am I. I think I just compared myself to Johnny Depp. Take that as you will.
  4. That accepts that I may talk to myself.
    I'm thinking out loud, that's all.
  5. That shares a love of reading.
    I like them big books.
  6. That won't mind when I say she doesn't need make-up.
    She still will, but I'll do my best not to let her.
  7. That isn't afraid to ask me anything.
    Then, now, later whenever or whatever.
  8. That won't love me any less.
    Michael Jackson always said to his fans, "I love you more." Everybody wants that.
  9. That doesn't mind the sound of my typewriter.
    You marry me, you marry the machine.
  10. That likes conversation.
    Don't be a Kelly Kapore. Be more of an Erin Hannon. By the way, did you know her first name is actually Kelly but she goes by her middle name Erin? Let's talk about The Office!
  11. That doesn't spew drama.
  12. That won't air hug me.
    I don't know how much it hurts for a lady's breasts to be compressed, but if you hug me, it better be a bear hug face-to-face.
  13. That isn't afraid to cry with me.
    For the record, I don't cry. My eyes are hyperactive and sweat profusely.
  14. That will kiss me like the kid did a pole in A Christmas Story.
    I triple dog dare her!
  15. That will help me think even more.
    Intelligence is sexy. I also don't have a preference on breast size, like @tombatten.
  16. That will reassure me.
    Day or night, rain or shine, let me know it's going to be all right.
  17. That won't think of my rituals as zany, but instead as zen
    Honey, the books have to be at a 45° angle next to my dog-eared papers or I can't talk to you – oh wait... Forget that last part 😏
  18. That enjoys my ramblings (or my voice)
    Not all the time, only from time to time.
  19. That will take it slow.
    Not too slow though. We have to finish this race together after all.
  20. That's like @kellyk.
  21. That would hold me like she's falling.
  22. That knows her way around a scene.
    Not necessarily urban, just aware of the local venues, hot spots, anywhere we go really.
  23. That wants to share in each other's company.
    Those silent moments, when we know we're both there for each other.
  24. That's a fantastic lover.
    Work your magic girl. Do that voodoo you do do!
  25. That knows her own beauty on the inside more so than the outside.
  26. That has a sense of humor.
    Is there a Mrs. Lonely?
  27. That can be my editor-in-chief
    My writing needs a second opinion and who better to hear from than you. Careful, I might write you as my next murder victim. Just kidding! I'll write much sooner than that. 😉
  28. That cares about and cares for a relationship.
  29. That loves.
  30. That soul searches as much as I do. 😅