Tiny green rocks got nothing on me!
  1. Explaining my origin story to everyone.
  2. Working out.
  3. Breaking the fourth wall.
    Reading my own adventures!
  4. Suiting up in new costumes every time.
    Throwback Continuity!
  5. Capturing my crusades with a GoPro.
    Living in the moment < Kodak moment
  6. Literally the entire roster of superheroines.
    Sure their proportions are outlandish but they are drawn like one of Jack's French girls.
  7. Keeping a sidekick.
    I work alone.
  8. Finding a love interest.
    I... have sex alone.
  9. Apologizing for beating baddies senseless.
    PUNCH! Sorry! PUNCH! Terribly sorry!
  10. Explaining the psychological toll and tendencies a villain exudes to convince them that their evil comes from a deep-seated urge to reek revenge on the world that took their innocence away.
    Followed by further beatings.