If I Were Batman, These Are The Bats I'd Have In The Batcave

They're great survivors.
  1. Bumblebee Bat
    Also known as Kitti's Hog-nosed Bat, this bat is the smallest mammal in the world weighing less than a penny. The best part, he'll fly unnoticed.
  2. Vampire Bat
    His diet is exclusively blood. They love a good night prowl from the ground, making them extra stealthy and lethal.
  3. Pied Bat
    Also known as the Badger Bat, A very rare specimen of Vesper bats.
  4. Jamaican Fruit-eating Bat
    Don't worry. Be batty.
  5. Megabat (Flying Fox)
    One of the largest species of bat with a maximum wingspan of 5.6 feet and over 30 different calls for communication. They hear similar to humans and are audible to us; a worthy ally of mine in the field.
  6. Desert Long-eared Bat
    This bat has some real grit and gravitas. It feeds on prey its size like the fatally venomous Palestine Yellow Scorpion, also known as the death stalker. Studies have shown that they seem to be immune to the scorpion's venom. Don't mess with them!
  7. Mexican Long-tongued Bat
    They can lick you from up to a third of their body length or French kiss you. Pick your poison.
  8. Hoary Wattled Bat
    This specific Vesper species has a nice fur coat but tends to roost on its own. He works alone... I like his style.
  9. Greater False Vampire Bat
    This bat is known to have a large diet, including other small bats! He can find its prey without the use of echolocation in total darkness as well. Use with caution.
  10. The Egyptian Fruit Bat
    The cutest, I mean deadliest! *Baby talk* Who's the deadliest? Hunh? Who is? You're the deadliest! Yes, you are!
  11. Gambian Epauletted Fruit Bat
    This bat flies in packs and uses sight and smell rather than echolocation to locate food.
  12. Peters' Ghost-faced Bat
    Their ears fold towards their foreheads making their eyes appear to be located inside their ears. Spooky!
  13. Mouse-eared Bat
    These guys are straight flyers and don't zigzag unnecessarily.
  14. Rafinesque's Big-eared Bat
    He gets wonderful reception in the cave.
  15. Honduran White Bat
    One of the "tent-making" bats who protect themselves from predators and the weather as they roost and rest in the ribs of big leaves. They have perfect vigilance!
  16. California Leaf-nosed Bat
    A skilled maneuvering flier who controls his flight speed better than most other species.
  17. Now fly my pretties,
  18. Fly!