For lack of a backbone when it comes to the public eye and to avoid that risk of being noticed, I will describe those hotel characters as best I can. For @Starmist.
  1. Bodybuilding Valet
    I'm pretty sure he lifts the cars he parks.
  2. Dude who wished us a "nice" day
    My mother, sister and I were going up the elevator with Dude. As we reached our floor, he parted us (my sister, definitely my sister) with "Have a nice day." His definition of nice was the wrong definition.
  3. Man with corn rows in the shape of a squid
    The squid was taking over his head and they looked like the hair of a scarecrow.
  4. Mr. Low Rider
    His expensive, embroidered jeans that is.
  5. Ladybug
    This woman wore these black polkadoted sunglasses that were $140 and her lipstick was red. My sister did not appreciate this creative compliment.
  6. The Three Musketeer-ettes
    These ladies looked exactly alike. The dresses matched, the height, the way they spoke. I know I'm a man and this judgement probably doesn't hold any water, but believe me when I say, they could've been triplets or had a convincing plastic surgery.