Inventions No Longer In Use

Inventions that have run their course.
  1. Typewriter
    The typewriter refers both to the machine and the writer. Very few are still used today.
  2. Microfiche
    Taking photos of documents was the first kind of digital data.
  3. PDA
    Personal Digital Assistants were digital memos and notepads to keep agendas and dates handy.
  4. Payphone
    No more stationary phones or collect calls. But what if you need to make a call and your phone is out of battery life?
  5. VCR
    The Videocassette Recorder, the original movie player before DVDs (Digital Versatile/Video Discs) came around. All those trips to Blockbuster were good times.
  6. CD
    The Compact Disc had it's time in the limelight of the 90s before digital music was on the rise. You can still find a Norah Jones CD at your local Starbucks. I still have my CD of Young MC's Stone Cold Rhymin'.
  7. Floppy Disk
    The grandfather of the thumb drive.
  8. Vinyl Record
    Again, music went digital for the sake of space.
  9. Fax Machine
    Another scanner of images to send to the recipient. I can't remember ever using this over email.
  10. Flip Phone
    The phone that flipped for convenience and didn't crack easily. Or so we tried to convince ourselves. Larry King is the last remaining user of a flip phone.
  11. Vibrating Belt Machine
    It's a real metabolism starter.
  12. TV Chairs
    Waiting for the subway train or flight, you could pay 50 cents to watch half an hour of television.