Inspired by @ItsRaeAnne
  1. Glasses 👓
    Don't make the mistake of thinking because I wear glasses I'm automatically smart. I'll forgive you if you do but know this: I know that I know nothing. Socrates said that... which was a smart thing to say. What I'm trying to say is, be more than looks.
  2. Open Book 📖
    I will be forward with you. Not in an aggressive way, not in a "I told you so" way either. I shouldn't have to say it, and I don't have to, because my actions are arguably as loud as my words and I'll tell you first and foremost, there aren't that many because I make them count. Being an open book means sharing who you are, with detail but discretion. There's more than one way to read between the lines, so read them and read them well.
  3. Bear 🐻
    A Pooh Bear to be exact. I'm a little cubby but I'm not stuffed with fluff. Don't mess with my honey unless you're willing to share. I look after my own like a mother bear does and if you're not with The Hundred Acre Hood, it's time to fine your own neck of the woods.
  4. Ear 👂
    I'm a better listener than a speaker. I take my time with words to make good use of them. I'm easy to talk to and it turns out that having two ears and one mouth is better than the other way around. Thank you Dad and Epictetus.
  5. Heart 💜
    Not a lot of men I know are in tune with their emotions or at least they don't share in them. I for one love to love and there's no pride attached to me saying it. I will unapologetically tell you what I'm feeling and feel for you in return. Pass love on my loves!