Allow me to explain.
  1. Multitasking involves working like a machine.
  2. Machines carry out two functions at the same time because they are built that way.
  3. Computers would be the modern equivalent compared to a wheelbarrow for instance.
  4. Why then isn't multitasking real for our fellow man?
  5. Other than walking and talking or sitting and watching, motor functions are the limiting factor.
    Is it any wonder why procrastinate and masturbate go "hand-in-hand"? I think not.
  6. I mean, why would you want to watch multiple TV channels at once?
    I don't know a single person who willingly does that.
  7. Unless you're training to be in the Couch Potato Olympics, there's no need.
  8. How could I discount the around-the-clock power of the brain you ask?
  9. I haven't and I won't but here's my point.
  10. As humans who built these wonderful technologies that make our lives easier, there's one thing we do forget:
  11. That no great thing is created suddenly.
    Thank you Epictetus.
  12. We had to build one part to go to the next and thereafter to have ourselves a machine.
  13. That's why I don't believe in multitasking.
  14. What I do believe in is the more tangible results of a step.
  15. One step at a time slows us down and it wouldn't be a bad thing in this rapid, changing tech culture.
  16. It makes us accountable, more punctual and attentive for what we do, when we do it.
  17. I don't know about you, but Isaac Asimov's Laws of Robotics sounds threatening to our intuitions and practicalities.
    Although I can't deny if robots ever do become autonomous, we'll have Will Smith on our side. At least for another sequel...
  18. In fact, we may see robots thinking their own thoughts, like the self-computation of a Turing Test.
  19. Others say there's potential to upload and download our conscience into a computer to keep our minds virtually and forever accessible.
  20. Next thing you know, the robots will start having babies.
  21. All this research reminds me of why the Disney Channel Original Movie, Smart House was a mother.
    She was overbearing like a mother can be but didn't always know best because she was a machine.
  22. Does anyone remember the Backscratcher?
  23. A simple machine that required our input.
  24. How about the typewriter?
  25. Another machine in need of a human touch.
  26. These are a couple of examples that highlight our intuitions, our practicalities.
  27. We built these machines, therefore autonomy is left to the imagination of the builder and user.
  28. A human being can fact-check just as well as any computer can.
  29. We mustn't forget that we use machines, not the other way around.
  30. With autonomy too, we run the risk of not only being connected, but disconnected.
  31. I leave you all with a letter for the future:
  32. I'm from the future, take me to your leader. Oh, and if his name by chance is Hal and he says, "I can't do that," what can he do? Also, be sure to tell it I can, and will do it better.
  33. Why? Because I can.