I felt that.
  1. Cold drink of water
  2. Hot cup of coco or coffee
  3. Fresh, clean teeth after a brush and rinse.
  4. Taking off socks after the day.
  5. Staying warm.
  6. Cool breeze on a hot day.
  7. Walking while reading.
    Sometimes I do this in circles. It's relaxing to me.
  8. Being outdoors.
  9. The cooler side of the pillow.
    Especially the entire bed after it's made.
  10. Finding that something or someone that speaks to you.
    A song, a piece of art, people, anything.
  11. That stretch that becomes a yawn and yawp at the same time.
  12. Walking to the fridge to open it even though you're not hungry and you know there's food (but you check anyway.)
  13. Scratching my family jewels with the inside of my pockets.
  14. Going commando around the house.
    I highly recommend you all blast the A/C while you go about your day indoors. Just make sure that clothes are nearby when the doorbell rings... and that you're not near any windows for too long.
  15. When you're about to laugh at the program you're watching when someone in the other room laughs at something else at the time you were supposed to laugh.
  16. Laughing at myself.
    Even though I don't know what people find in my words as funny. I guess it's my practical explanations.
  17. Talking with you.
    Conversation is always nice.