Use them with caution.
  1. Spontaneous
  2. Random
  3. Bae
  4. Suh
  5. Twerk
  6. BT Dubs
    The internet has gone too far.
  7. Selfie
  8. Taxes
    For more than obvious reasons.
  9. Money
    How many times have you heard, "Where is/Show me the money?" So much could be done if money wasn't so much of a crutch to do things. Nikola Tesla did it right; free energy for everyone.
  10. Drama
    If it's not referring to what's on the stage, I'm not listening.
  11. Ugly
  12. Corn
    Really any word that can be mistaken for something else.
  13. Stupid
    I don't think anyone is stupid. I think people do stupid things, but that doesn't necessarily label them as such.
  14. Can't
  15. No
  16. Quit
  17. Wait
    I'm a patient person but when I see an opening that I've assessed and know that could work, I want to go at it.
  18. My full name
    It's more my parents who do this to get my attention. Hearing my first, middle and last name together wouldn't be so bad for recognition but all the time is not for me.
  19. Attractive
    It makes me uncomfortable when my mom or sister ask me if I find another woman attractive. It feels like I'm trying to meet an expectation and I don't want to be bias. Is it based on looks alone or who she is? Both? That's more important to me.
  20. Lazy
    I don't like being called something unjustly. If I know I'm being lazy, I can admit it. But if I'm working and no one has seen me do so and they assume that I've been lazy instead, I don't take a liking to that.
  21. Hurry
    I like to take my time, especially when I've been accused of forgetting something when I had to hurry.
  22. Labels
    It's more than calling it how you see it. Don't treat your opinions as facts, because no matter how informed your opinion is, it's still an opinion. You don't know who someone is until you get to know them.
  23. Too...
    Too what? Am I not meeting your standards? Sorry, but that's my prerogative just like it's yours. I'm me and there's no one else like me and there won't be anyone else quite like me.
  24. Genius
    I've never been called a master or genius before, but if I was I wouldn't take credit for it:
  25. Old
    I've been told I'm old for my age. I'm an old soul and the thing about us old souls is that we know what's up, down and all around.