Inspired by @blanelly and @Deacondave98.
  1. Bitch!
    I wouldn't say this. To women, to men, not at all.
  2. Roll me a joint.
    The only smoking I do is for BBQ.
  3. Eating your heart out takes a lot of dexterity... and cannibalism.
    Maybe I would say this sentence, but I haven't used the phrase "eat your heart out" and I don't think I would.
  4. Never would I ever use the words never and ever together in a sentence, never ever together.
    Rhymers are cool but they can melt and get you wet and sticky after awhile. I wouldn't be this obnoxious either.
  5. Tits or titties sounds like a preference for the same thing.
    Again, I wouldn't say this at all to women, men or in joking.