My Reactions In GIFs To People Who Do Not Read

Reading Rainbow has books at the end of it. Sorry, no gold here (unless books are gold to you.) No? Look at my face, that's how I feel!
  1. Read a book.
  2. Really, read one this time.
  3. I know something you don't.
  4. Begone nonreader!
  5. Stop looking for pictures! Not all books have them, so make your own!
  6. You don't get to say or assume this unless you actually read the book.
  7. Don't stop there, you're getting to the good part!
  8. You can't pretend to read. I mean you can, but don't!
  9. Technically it's reading, but questionable reading at that.
    Better to know what not to read than to be unaware of it.
  10. You didn't read it!?
  11. If it makes you feel any better, I'll pretend I know what your trying to explain too.
  12. My thoughts exactly.
  13. What do you have against books? Papercuts? Really?
  14. I'm intolerant at this point.
    For the record, I would never say this to anybody. But man is it tempting.
  15. Carry on.
  16. When there's company who gets it.
  17. Sometimes true friends come from books.
  18. While you were downloading that chapter, I finished reading mine.
  19. You're not even giving it a chance!
    TLDR doesn't stand for "too long didn't read." It stands for "too lazy didn't read."
  20. Try to convince them to read.
  21. It's TV for your head.
  22. Reading goes great with eating.
  23. Sleeping too.
  24. Get them thinking.
  25. Teach them the power of reading.