Nicknames I Had Growing Up

Inspired by @itsolivia @jonathanpaulkatz@lyshap @potus and @hnj.
  1. Brentmas Tree
    During the Winter, when it came time for recess, we appropriately played a game of Freeze Tag. Don't Touch the Lava and Snake in the Grass are meant for the Spring. Anyway, before holiday break my friends would skip and hop around my frozen self singing, "All around the Brentmas tree!" It became a timeless tradition.
  2. Wiggles
    Thanks to my P.E. Coach in middle school, I was called Wiggles. It didn't help that my dad was all buddy-buddy with him either.
  3. Batman
    Adam thought it would be cool to call me Batman given how quiet yet focused I was. I didn't know how much I liked Batman until that day he mentioned it in P.E.
  4. Ironman/Ironbat
    Patrick thought I was more of an Ironman than a Batman. Than he changed half his mind and combined the two playboy, superheroes. I liked it for awhile but liked Batman better.
  5. Bruce Wayne
    He has my initials! My friend Sam clued me in on this and I thought, what a coincidence!
  6. B. Wiggs
    My rapper name. I gave this one to myself. I don't know what I'd rap about though. My name is B. Wiggs and I know what'cha thinkin'! Am I freak in the sheets with the girlies I be winkin'? Yes to the name, no to the game.
  7. BMW/Bimmer
    My complete initials are a car. They also have the least impressive slang name of Bimmer. Dad, Mom, the middle name is great but we're you aware of this? Was it an inside joke, because I don't think that's how an inside joke works. It certainly didn't last long.