Not Brent M. Wiggins™

You can't see me! You don't know me like that!
  1. Beer
    I don't get all the buzz (no pun intended) around it. Even the light beers don't taste great to me. Besides, I don't like my lips feeling paralyzed.
  2. Snakes
    After Adam and Eve, how could you trust another one? Indiana Jones taught us well.
  3. Drama
    However you take it, I won't. The way I see it, the only kind of drama I want to see belongs on a stage.
  4. Birthday Parties
    I won't reject attending yours, but if it's my birthday party I won't want it to be this big event. The less it seems to be an event, the better. I don't make a big deal or fuss about it.
  5. Half-assing
    Pardon my French, but I like effort and I give it. None of this, "At least I tried." You're right, but not enough to count as "did" or "done anything." Ron Swanson once said, "Don't half-ass two things. Whole ass one thing."