Last names, first names, they all have smutty potential.
  1. Bradley Cooper
    The word "cooper" is a curse from Europe for the word "penis."
  2. Brad Pitt
    He probably doesn't use deodorant.
  3. Ryan Gosling
    More like Ryan G-string! Amiwrite? Maybe it's a strap-on sling he can take to-go?
  4. Elijah Wood
    Carving away.
  5. Kate Micucci
    Loosey goosey Ms. Micucci!
  6. Chris Hardwick
    He's burning the candle at both ends!
  7. Jamie Foxx
    That's definitely a porno name.
  8. Dick Van Dyke
    A two-for-one.
  9. Chris Gethard
    Hulk horned up!
  10. Joe Cocker
    A beautiful singer who probably has bigger junk than all of the man who don't sing.
  11. Keke Palmer
    Palmer, Palm her... I'll just walk away now.