If a relationship could be measured, here are the percentages of how I would define one.
  1. 25% Having love for each other
    You have to have feelings for me. Time and love are not so different; they both require an awareness and dedication. If your love is worth spending somewhere with someone else, it won't offend me. Which leads me to the next percentage.
  2. 25% Telling the truth/Being honest
    One of the biggest priorities in a relationship. Being able to know how both of us feel is necessary for any kind of relationship to develop and remain. I'm not forcing you to tell me everything, but do share what shouldn't be avoided, what can potentially harm us, if not one of us.
  3. 25% Concensus and compromise
    Deciding what to eat, what to do with the afternoon, or some alone time are all events that can strengthen or siphon a relationship. Knowing what each other want is the goal here and finding an even trade-off while making some sacrifices makes for a happier couple.
  4. 15% Signs of affection
    Any indication of TLC, and it doesn't always have to be physical. The thought counts too, but don't forget, showing is its own special way of telling. But do tell me too. We need to know in some way that our time and love is being appreciated and acknowledged.
  5. 10% Sex
    I don't think sex is necessary for a loving relationship to flourish. Intimacy is not limited to just sex. Pleasure is one thing but satisfaction is another. Before sex even crosses our minds, I don't want to rush or impose on you the act. It doesn't get more intimate than that and I want it to mean more than just physical pleasure. I'm saving myself for the right woman.