Shower Power Hour

It's about to get sudsy. Share your Shower Power Hours with us, if you got the suds!
  1. First I disrobe.
    Let's see how far I can take this list without getting NSFW.
  2. Look myself over with a selfie.
    You can't take photos with a mirror, duh!
  3. Step into the Splash Zone.
    I'm excited... about toiletries. Yeah, I'll try to convince myself that later.
  4. Feel the shock, sting and surge of 20,000 cold, liquidized lasers.
    More like 20 or so, but it felt like 20,000!
  5. Feel the hugging warmth of a hot babbling brook.
    I know it looks like something else, but look, how else do you wash down South without finding it pleasurable?
  6. Time for suds.
    For a stud like me. No you're right, I'm not a stud but little Brent is! Boy am I compensating.
  7. Don't drop the soap.
    Not even if it's just you in there.
  8. Reach a soaked, mop texture.
    Mops look better.
  9. Sham to the poo.
    When you think about it, shampoo sounds like a scam to wash your hair with crap.
  10. Rinse off.
    Squeaky clean!
  11. Dry off.
    It's not a rat's nest, it's just tumble dryed.
  12. Shut up about looking the same as you did before the shower. No really, no noticeable change was made except a much needed cleansing.