Social Media Apps I Will Not Use

Mobile apps in particular don't entice me. Inspired by @justjills
  1. Snapchat
    The best way I can describe this app is this: It's like a telegram, photo booth hybrid for yesterday's news. I almost don't understand it's purpose other than to use up time, 10 seconds at a time, every time.
  2. Vine
    Similar to Snapchat, but get this, you get 6 seconds instead of 10. That's edgy! It's the younger brother of Snapchat that never gets a word in edgewise. I heard that through the grapevine.
  3. Pinterest
    It's like Instagram's grandmother who shares her scrapbooks filled with buttons and fabrics and recipes from yesteryears. It has it's moments but I don't think I'd use it for long.
  4. Dub Smash
    Users dub or lip-sync themselves over recordings from pop culture. Judging by the kaleidoscope busy logo, I think it's safe to say I won't be
  5. Facebook
    Honest hour time: there's not many faces to read. Correction, not many faces to read as page-turners. You've already read it and it's up on the shelf ready to be dusted off. You liked it but let's face it, you know how this book ends. I've gotten as far as the acknowledgement page at best.
  6. Facebook Messenger
    The only reason I still have Facebook. Still, I don't use it as much as I do Facebook and that's saying something.
  7. Twitter
    This one shouldn't be on the list but after trying it's mobile version, it just wasn't the same. It feels condensed and not everything of course from your feed will be there exactly the same for when you switch back to the web-based functionality. I just prefer using the computer over my phone.
  8. LinkedIn
    I understand that employers and employees use this to keep their business connections, but how often would you go to LinkedIn? I see it as a profile page for your resume and past experience but other than that, this is just Facebook's seasoned father.
  9. Periscope
    I'm live every waking moment. I don't need to prove it to the rest of the world.
  10. Tinder
    Maybe some day... No, no. Love is not worth a consensus of mixed reviews.
  11. Yik Yak
    I don't know a single college student who uses, let alone has the time to use this app. It's nice that it keeps users anonymous and makes networking safer, but it's not my speed.
  12. Kik
    Another app featuring anonymous users. Free messaging and no one knows you unless you share each other's Kik usernames. Sounds like finding a needle in a haystack.