Stephen King Novel-Films, Ranked

When it comes to horror, there's only one source I trust for my scary and creepy needs.
  1. 10. The Langoliers
    The first Stephen King movie I saw and it blew me away when I was maybe four or six years old. It was trippy from what I remember with a stark white sky and a crumbling runway.
  2. 9. Pet Sematary
    Remember Toby your cat? Well, he's back... and he is mad. Probably jealous of your other cat. Just a guess.
  3. 8. Children of the Corn
    A town inhabited by children where play time is the only time.
  4. 7. Thinner
    Never take the Gypsy Diet.
  5. 6. Misery
    The original (and only) #1 fan (of best-selling author Paul Sheldon.)
  6. 5. Cujo
    Talk about your dog days!
  7. 4. It
    It's the reverse Goonies and like those who were too young to read it, I was lucky enough to be too young to see it. Either way, it made me wary around clowns.
  8. 3. Carrie
    The prom queen to end all prom queens and Stephen King's first debut novel, Carrie is more than a girl misunderstood. Think Roald Dahl's Matilda except with more pig blood.
  9. 2. Christine
    A car that possesses it's driver into a 1950s Greaser mentality, can reassemble itself from every conceivable scratch and drive you crazy. I could walk... or running's good.
  10. 1. The Shining
    Haunted inspiration has never been so scary. Even though King prefers his TV version over Stanley Kubrick's film adaptation, it's still a very smart horror film with many hidden images. I'd recommend you watch the film's documentary Room 237 on Netflix for more.