Happy Meals have gone too far.
  1. This is bad.
  2. McDonald's is already a bad investment every once in a while.
  3. But this is different.
  4. Do your kids a favor and buy them a McDouble instead.
  5. Since this Talking Tom app game was a controversy.
  6. And even though it was proven to be a hoax, I still don't see why Talking Tom would ever be a toy.
  7. I guess if it can be commercialized one way, it can be commercialized in others.
  8. It's almost as if the app wasn't a toy already.
  9. This is overkill.
  10. And I'm not just talking about Tom.
  11. Apparently this is one app in a series. More than nine lives and ways to skin those cats!
  12. Why is this an app when it should be a physical toy?
    Elmo was nice, but those eyes start to never blink and you want nothing more to do with it.
  13. Why is it now a toy?
    If it was an app, and it worked as an app, the only reason it became a toy was probably to keep the app's relevancy (which is looking thinner than ever).
  14. I mean we already trust Ronald McDonald as a mascot for our kids and this irony is treated as a joke.
  15. This was a real concern however, so why aren't we questioning Talking Tom again for what he's better known as instead, Peeping Tom?
    Why associate your kids with a chat-bot app that became controversial that is now a toy?
  16. It doesn't make for a Happy Meal in my eyes.
  17. The commercial was less than convincing and overzealous as they come as well.
  18. Have a look:
  19. Ba-da-ba-ba-baaaaaaa, I'm loathin' it!