Around the hour of eight.
  1. I had been walking to class the usual route and it's long but the morning's are great practice for the rest of the day.
  2. I was walking to class and two men who were groundskeepers were collecting trash bags near the dormitories.
  3. I don't make eye contact usually when I'm walking out in public, but one of them decided to.
  4. He was portly and had the furrows of a totem pole head and a ponytail a horse might mistake for his own.
  5. He caught me off guard and said, "Good morning," and after a brief pause continued with, "You look like you have the whole world under control," or something to that effect.
  6. I don't remember the exact phrasing but I then replied, "Good morning" back and the answer "I think so," somewhat with a smile and carried on.
  7. I had been carrying my Oxford edition of John Milton's works in one hand and walking with a straight posture and good stride.
  8. I wonder if that caught his gaze and made him infer further in an innocent way.
    Working in a university, you're bound to have that conversation when everyone is practically a student and more or less crossing each other's paths.
  9. The night before had me upset because of my roommates yelling and banging on my door on purpose.
    The more I mention them, the more immortalized they become. They are no more mates than they are room for improvement.
  10. I've kept reminding myself that they are insignificant boys without sensibilities. They care for none and God help whatever and whoever they do care about.
    Two-faced hypocrites who are less than nothing.
  11. This morning, even if it felt out of place, made me feel good because I'm doing good. I was grateful for the recognition of that moment.
  12. I matter because I do good.