My good side's tangible heart.
  1. Breakfast for dinner
    Biscuits and gravy, please.
  2. Trips to Barnes & Noble
    Help me find the mystery section.
  3. Batman
    I'll be your ward.
  4. Leave me to read and write uninterrupted.
    Breaks are the only exceptions. Love you. 😅
  5. Moleskine notebooks
  6. Cold caramel macchiato or hot caramel latte
  7. Vintage items
    I know people wouldn't go out of there way for this. But hypothetically, if you were to, and if me owning a typewriter is any indication, I wouldn't want something taking up any more space than that. Art or decor is nice and trinkets for the desktop or shelf would be great too.
  8. Rum or Carrot cake
    Go easy on the icing, please and thank you.
  9. Ray Bradbury
    My first literary love.
  10. Be my ideal reader.
    My family members tire easily and don't always leave constructive criticism when they are willing. It would be nice to have one person to lean on for my writing.