I got to be me.
  1. Live long and prosper hand gesture
    I haven't the dexterity on either hand.
  2. Flirt in public
    I can keep it saucy but sexy not so much. I feel mortified for saying such bedroom talk even if others in the vicinity couldn't have heard it. Flirting via text is where my thoughts translate at their best. Check please!
  3. Be informal
    I talk formally most of the time. I hardly ever use lingo or acronyms that were meant for text messaging. It sounds weird when I do. Profanity isn't a language and I won't treat it like one either. I'll stick to my vocabulary and complete spelled out words, thank you.
  4. Relate to others.
    If relating to you means emptying beer bottles, doing drugs and having sex, than what else can I say that's already been said? What a boring pattern to live that must be. I like to talk about things that matter and that are far more interesting than any melodrama gossip you listen to with pricked ears. To put this lightly, books carry a conversation better than you can.
  5. Walk fast
    If no one is around or if I'm in a P.E. class, than I don't take a brisk stroll like others around me. I just feel like I'm in a race and I can't be pedestrian anymore.
  6. Look around
    I always avoided looking around for fear of making eye contact with another person. It's either a pad and pencil, a book or my phone in my view. Otherwise, I feel naked and without direction when I look around. It feels robotic almost the way that I do, in intervals too.
  7. Talk to girls
    Which is why I let them talk for me. I'm a better listener anyway and I like to hear about others rather than myself. This too goes alongside my ability to flirt. I would say something like, "My apologies if I get distracted," but I'm not that bold or daring.
  8. Present/Speak
    Like Alexander Hamilton, I am a better writer than a speaker. Whenever I have to explain what I just wrote I feel my mind compressed with condensing words that I found already suitable for the page. I hope people will get it the first time, never to ask any questions, but I see that's not always the case.