Things I Find Erotic But Shouldn't

I know, this is borderline perversion and me probably being the biggest creep (in a while) but don't blame me. Blame my inspiration: @jmewants2travel 😅
  1. Eating a banana
    No matter how you eat it, whatever angle or maneuver you take, there's no denying that this is Mother Nature's fantasy fruit.
  2. Using Q-tips
    I used two at the same time and I can attest... I felt aroused. They got to the gooey stuff real nice!
  3. Sharpening pencils
    Hey baby, sharpen my Dixon Ticonderoga?
  4. Opening an envelope
    I'm always disappointed that there's no money in there.
  5. Water balloons
    And there's no one one to throw them at. What a shame.