Things That Taste Like My Childhood

Taste the rainbow! Now in our new childhood memories flavor!
  1. Ice Pops
    Plastic tubes of flavored ice!
  2. Chili Dogs
    Right on the beach side.
  3. Vanilla Shakes
  4. Bubblegum Ball Ice Cream
    Strawberry goodness!
  5. Frosted Cheerios
    I had to cut back on these and settle for Honey Nut.
  6. Fruit by the Foot
    I once kept an entire roll in my mouth all day after lunch.
  7. Hamburger Helper
  8. Milky Way Bar
  9. Dippin' Dots
    Mall food #1.
  10. Aunt Annie's Pretzels
    Mall food #2.
  11. Bosco Sticks
    We got these for lunch on certain days at school. One girl (Emma!) however changed that when she decided to choke on one. She's fine now but the Bosco Sticks aren't!