Requested by @rebeccamaepeter.
  1. Remember when you were a boy, shopping with your mother?
  2. It was at the mall in the clothing section.
  3. But this one didn't have the clothes you wore.
  4. No graphic tees, no sneakers that light up, not even a candy ball prize dispenser to be found.
  5. Nothing but the sunken stare and faceless judgement of mannequins with peculiar shapes.
  6. These shapes were of the frilly kind, protruding from what you think is a human body but you're quite uncertain.
  7. You share the blank look of the mannequins, obstinate fear follows your downcast eyes.
  8. You don't know where to look since you know they are still there, judging you unaware.
  9. You leave before your neck is transfixed to give one last look at the scared-stiff shapely figures.
  10. A forbidden guilt takes over but you stay curious, wanting to see more.
  11. Mother thinks nothing of the errand but young, innocent and impressionable you has found a part of something that belongs not to yourself.
  12. A boy named Roy Raymond had the same enlightening shopping experience like many prepubescent males.
  13. The difference however was a persistence purveyance unlike any other boy's time in the woman's section.
  14. He knew now women wore these hoary shapes.
  15. He also never saw these unnamed garb which only made him curiouser.
  16. Roy was a coy young man ever since that trip to the mall.
  17. That didn't stop him from buying the relics for his past self.
  18. He had married and made the effort to shop for the clothes that stole his gaze long ago.
  19. For his wife Gaye but secretly in a convergence with his then malleable mind and current mired mind.
  20. Roy returns to the same department store his mother had brought him to.
  21. No permission denied or needed, just a will to venture into the alley of frilly fears.
  22. His arrival was met with a defeating stare, not from the mannequins but the women of the store.
  23. The same women who thought nothing of him as a lad but think much less than nothing of him now in this place.
  24. They couldn't possibly ignore his presence on their holy ground. Roy had touched the forbidden fruit with his wondering eyes.
  25. He much would rather the stoic company of the mannequins over the virgins' vigil of their vices.
  26. Before he left, Roy gave a subtle vow to make haste before he chased himself away.
  27. Eyes watching, he picked the closest thing that looked the size of his wife, payed the gatekeeper's toll and gained pardon home.
  28. Gaye was not as shy as he when the gift was given.
  29. Roy didn't want to step into another women's department ever again.
  30. How frivolous it all was! The hurried trip, the flash of guilt bestowed to him by heathen parties. There was a better way to make his wife happy with this gift like it did his mother.
  31. "Honey, can you keep a secret?"