Weird Things I Did as a Kid

Weird Times at Fringe-mont High. *shuts up*
  1. When I poked people, I would say, "Squishy... intelligent..."
    This didn't go over well with the girls. Can't imagine why.
  2. When I made someone laugh too much, I would ask them, "Can I help you?" as if I wasn't the cause.
    My follow up diagnosis would be, "It looks like you're choking on your laugh."
  3. Wrapping a rubber band around my finger until it turned a dark red or purple.
    Inspired by @jhope71. I can imagine that is what my finger felt like.
  4. Staring at you without notice, longer than is appropriate.
    A great way to get attention.
  5. After begging for someone's attention, I'd tell them, "Hey... you smell like tuna." Just thought I'd let you know.
    I had something important to say afterwards. Usually.
  6. I made innuendos that I tried too hard to think of in the first place.
    The big hand on my clock just went from 6 to 12...! Always a crowd pleaser at lunch time.
  7. When we arm wrestled, I would always throw all my force into it immediately after the countdown or someone said go.
    I won pretty much every time.