What I'd Offer in The BrentMWiggins Monthly Subscription Box

My offer of offerings I offer you. Thank you for the List Request @mallofamanda!
  1. Bars of soap
    I'll have your names engraved into them.
  2. One new book of your choice each month.
    Great for book clubs!
  3. A date with me.
    Shipping rates apply. Don't forget to poke holes in the box.
  4. Café de Colombia
    Mugs included. Keep them away from the kids.
  5. Russian nesting matryoshka dolls
    I thought they were called egg dolls.
  6. A subscription box inside another subscription box.
    It's the gift that keeps on giving!
  7. In that smaller subscription box:
  8. Write & Co. Ledger Notepads
    For the Luddites (and Listers!) in all of us.
  9. Double-sided Eraser Pencils
    It may be counterintuitive when it comes time to erase, but they're cool, right?
  10. Silly Straws
    There's never enough of these.
  11. Typewritten poetry or letters by request.
    With love, Brent