What I Like About Me

It's that time again. Me time.
  1. My Laugh
    My dad's laugh, no lie, has the same metronome as mine. Though mine carries into a low air supply, if you keep it going. I've always lost my breath laughing ever since I was two.
  2. I keep it focused folks
    I look at the bigger picture but make time for the little things. Anything that was minor in scope or borderline trivial, I never made a big deal out of because I knew a change could be made. I don't over think things, I do things as I think about them. I enter a restaurant, I sit down, I eat. I don't need to sit in a booth versus a table; I'm just happy I get to sit and have a meal. You could have me sit on the ceiling and I'd be fine.
  3. One thing I'm not is dramatic
    I'll be boring at the risk of being dramatic. Life's too short and the only kind of drama I like belongs on a stage.
  4. I use my two ears and one mouth sparingly
    I am opposed to using two mouths I don't have. Sort of like credit cards, the imaginary money that doesn't exist until you need it pay it back. Enough about me being financially aware, it's important to be a listener and to respond with all your thoughts in a row. We have two ears and one mouth for a reason. The real credit goes to Epictetus.
  5. I can hold a conversation well
    I think one-on-one I'm great at keeping a conversation going but interesting. Even if it's unrelated knowledge, I'm fairly good at making it relevant or relatable.
  6. I make good company
    I make other people comfortable around me and I think it's easy to see my warm and unassuming personality. Whether it's advice they seek or someone to find solace in or be their confidant or mediator, I'm all ears.
  7. I stay positive
    I'm good at keeping myself and others motivated with my thoughts and words. I believe in us and what we do.