I need a genie, no, two genies!
  1. Groceries
    Do I go in the morning? The afternoon? Not anymore! POOF! 💥🍞💨
  2. Weight Loss
    Doesn't acupuncture deflate fat? Now it does!
  3. Prepared Meals
  4. Fresh, Clean Body
    Pits, butt, teeth, hair, everything!
  5. Sleep
    REM Sleep, here I come!
  6. Being On Time
    What's traffic?
  7. The joy and recollection of reading an entire book with the smallest investment of time.
    I used to be bad about skipping the introduction and epilogue of books. But never again.
  8. A society that settles and celebrates their differences.
    Share the love people.
  9. The end product of my hard work.
    There's no substitute for hardwor - POOF! You were saying? 😯
  10. To know someone.
    All the quirks, imperfections, favorite things, everything that makes you, you.