A confined space with a weight limit that vertically travels at the slowest rate of speed between intervals that may or may not become pitstops. Going up?
  1. Fart and Dart
    Also dust cropping and just plain farting and saying nothing afterwards.
  2. Become Best Friends
    For the duration of one floor ride.
  3. Stare Unapologetically
    I'm not afraid to say I'm handsome, but does it have to result in an unwarranted amount of sexual tension?
  4. Have Sex
    You have a room. If not, go get one. Also, sorry Aerosmith fans.
  5. Talk About Sex
    No really, get a room.
  6. Insist you can and will make room
    I wish this was carry-on because I'd love to see you fly away.
  7. Run for the door before it closes
    There's another one just like it next to this one.
  8. Talk on your cellphone/into your Bluetooth
    You're escapades or business ventures should be left behind before you get on.
  9. Run Out First
    Even if you were closest to the door, at least have the courtesy to offer the rest to exit.
  10. Drop/Place luggage on the floor
    I know, your belongings are precious but not precious enough to be another person.
  11. Hum/Whistle
    I'd rather listen to muzak.
  12. Not press the button for our floor
    You could ask us, "Which floor?" if we are fluttering with our luggage.