The characters in my life know me well. Here are some memorable moments. My dad has said plenty already: My Dad's Famous Words
  1. Mom
    "I gave you your nose. You have the best nose!" (I get it, it's a right triangle.)
  2. Katie C. (4th Grade Classmate on Pajama Day)
    "They're called pajamas! Okay Brent, 'night clothes.'" (PSHAW! She would say sarcastically. To her credit, "night clothes" was kind of a square thing to say.)
  3. Mr. Boyd (Spanish I Teacher)
    "Brent! If you ever need anything, just let me know. Have a great summer!" (This was at the end of the semester and he was kind enough to offer any advice or assistance in my further studies. The way he ran to the door as I exited, it felt like a movie scene. He gave me his email to stay in contact. The first time I sent him an email, he didn't respond. I expected Mr. Boyd to remember me but at least we're still friends.)
  4. Ms. Swalina (Chemistry/Physical Science Teacher)
    "You're going to make one lucky girl real happy." (I love her because she always supported my work ethic. The fact that she said this to me, I was taken aback, but it instilled in me this confirmation and confidence that work isn't without goals.)