To the many people looking ahead to September.
  1. General Feeling 📆
    It's already another month!
  2. Literature 📖
    Loving the Romantic era. William Blake, Wordsworth, it's all so good. For my other class I have John Milton and he makes for a very interesting writer; he assumes the role of a heavenly muse and asserts, indirectly and directly, that he is better at being one. My kindred spirits WORD UP!
  3. Roommates 👥
    One out of three ain't bad. He's a political science major so I'm looking forward to a diplomatic side to go to.
  4. Myself 🚹
    I'm being more assertive but keeping to my kindness killing potential persons. The roommates would be the prime targets on my hit list but this applies to difficult people in general. I'm letting my happiness come first. Besides, I'm not alone if I have myself.
  5. Research Papers 📚
    I enjoy researching what I choose so I won't be at a loss for words.
  6. Earth, Wind and Fire 🌎🍃🔥
    I don't know why I had a hankering for funky tunes the day before school started in the eighth grade, but it made me aware of good music and good times. If you're wondering, yes, I do remember. 😉
  7. Free Time ⌚
    My schedules each semester usually have a free day out of the week, and it's because I choose the minimum required courses to take, but four classes are more my speed. Fridays are free to get ahead and relax.
  8. Early Mornings 🌞
    Time to myself and clarity of mind before the day has got its start.
  9. Girlfriend? 👠
    I'm not expecting anything and I'm not putting myself out there in the "fitting in" sort of way. It all seems irrelevant now and staying regular with a potential girl-who-is-a-friend might be time well spent elsewhere. No promises, but no hijinks either! All I know is, I'm worth it because she's worth it.
  10. Cool Weather 🍂
    When it comes to weather, Florida doesn't always make up its mind, but when it does, it feels amazing. I love to cuddle up with layers of clothing and blankets to keep warm.