Why I Use Twitter and What I Think Tweets Are Good For

Twitter has become my writing tool, helping me concise not only my words but also my thoughts.
  1. I enjoy my banner heads.
    You have to express yourself 🌠
  2. I have fun with wordplay
    Cartoons should be exclusively about cars, right? I'll stop while I'm ahead.
  3. And word count.
    140 characters? Challenge Accepted 😎
  4. I like to give my two cents.
    My personal thoughts and assessments.
  5. My own advice and quotes too.
    I hope it's of meaning to you all.
  6. I can be funny sometimes.
    Emphasis on "sometimes."
  7. Unique Hashtags
    I'm proud when I come up with my own hashtags. I'm also guilty of using what's trending, but I make them into creative responses as much as I can.
  8. A little birdie told me... 🐦
    Even though most conversations are made as Replies, I like to make use of the Message function. Conversation threads can get too long at times and that's where the Message feature can be of use. If I ever want to come back to a tweet for instance, I'll message it to myself to stay on Twitter and keep it convenient as well.
  9. Lists! 📃
    A great way to keep track of the people you show interest in on Twitter is through lists. You add them to a list and all their feeds show up on one page.
  10. Follow and Be Inspired
    I follow those who I feel have similar creative interests. If it catches my eye, chances are I'll be staying awhile. Even if I don't follow, I can still be a fan via my lists.