Any ladies want to change my status?
  1. I'll talk nerdy to you
    Sharpen my Dixon Ticonderoga for me?
  2. I'll be your Jim to your Pam
    The Office is the best show ever.
  3. I'll tell you "you do look fat in that."
    You can't blame me for being honest. Or joking!
  4. I'll fight the fights you may or may not have started.
    That's what boyfriend's are for.
  5. I'll go with the suggestions you make.
    Not because I can be easygoing, just because I want to make (us) you happy.
  6. I'll tell you "you're pretty" even when you don't ask me.
  7. I'll make you crack a smile even when you don't want to.
  8. I'll cry when you cry
  9. I'll call you at least twice a week and text three.
    Unless that isn't the proper suggestion. In which case, surveillance is reasonable.
  10. I'll listen to your sweet nothings and somethings.
  11. I'll go vegan for you.
    Despite my efforts to turn us into omnivores.
  12. I'll also try your cooking.
    It's okay, anything tastes good after you've already eaten take-out. Only – "Joking?" Hey, you're catching on!
  13. I'll go to yoga with you.
    Even though we aren't meant to be pretzels.
  14. I'll watch a chick flick with you when your girlfriends aren't available.
    I might have to paint my eyelids for this one.
  15. I'll kiss you The Notebook style
    At your request of course.
  16. I have a big...
    heart. Size matters right? 😉