1. London Calling, by The Clash. One of the most iconic album covers ever only highlighted what most critics say is one of the best albums ever made.
  2. Ramones, by The Ramones. Another amazing album cover and, like Bono sang (in the song The Miracle) "I woke up in the moment when the miracle occurred...in the most beautiful sound I ever heard." Still is.
  3. Mommy's Little Monster, by Social Distortion. They were my age and the music still holds up. They are legendary for a reason...and even then still highly underrated
  4. Murmur, by R.E.M. The song Radio Free Europe changed my mindset from all punk all the time to what has become known as college radio these days (even have their own station on Sirius/XM).
  5. Back in Black, by AC/DC. It was mandatory that suburban teens in the 80's play this album all the time. Every teenager was probably issued it by the government because somehow we all had it. Driving around in high school with my friends, windows down, singing as loud as we could...oh man. Kinda like in Wayne's World but more serious than silly.