Favorite Fast Food Places to Stumble Upon When You're Hungry but Haven't Thought About Where to Eat

You know, just driving around. Hungry. And then you see that place where you just GOTTA get that NOW
  1. Jimmy Johns. Who doesn't want the Gargantuan and barbecue chips when you're famished.
  2. In N Out. They are a bit more rare for sure...so when you see it you are powerless to keep from turning in and order the Double Double Animal Style. And the fries, man.
  3. Raising Canes. That secret sauce is a siren song. Dip both the chicken and the fries and the Texas toast in it.
  4. Sonic. When somebody brings your foot long chili cheese coney with extra onions and mustard with a lemon berry slush, and they're wearing roller skates...what's not to love?
  5. Chick Fil A, but only if you drive thru. It ain't great if you go in, but those glorious manna like sandwiches in the foil pouch with waffle fries and Chick Fil A sauce all over both? Fuggedabboutit.