Moments From My Life That Would Be Great Scenes in a Movie

  1. In high school, Running into the bleachers, breaking my leg, and setting my baseball goals on hold. Never, ever try to impress girls when playing a sport. Concentrate on the game, man.
  2. The first kiss with the girl who would become my wife. Orlando, FL. Citrus Bowl, 1987. The story of how it all came to pass is pretty funny, and kissing at midnight on New Year's Eve after being great friends for 3 years always has a little awkward.
  3. My proposal. Keep in mind that proposals back then were much more low-key than they are now. But my friends bailed on me at the last minute and my family was expecting to meet my new fiancé at our extended family's Christmas Eve. In a panic, I had a stupid magic trick in my stupid home bedroom with stupid MTV playing in the background.
  4. The Chinese Downhill. I have no idea why we called it that. The deal is all 90 fraternity brothers gave a pledge $5 each, headed to the top of the mountain, and skied down. The catch is you could trip, punch, tackle, etc. No other rules other than first one to touch the pledge got $450 cash. I think that chaos would look great on film.
  5. The game of catch. My oldest daughter played softball. She asked me for games of catch whenever she needed to talk all through her life. So, I surprised her by bringing mitts and a ball, and two minutes before I walked her down the aisle at her wedding, I asked her for one last game of catch...just she and I on 6th Street in Austin.