1. How hard it is to come up with consistent answers to Santa Claus questions. There's no book and you kind of make it up as you go.
  2. How hard it is to answer their questions about God. There IS a book (I even have a MASTERS DEGREE in it) and manalive are there some tough ones.
  3. How awkward it gets once they're old enough to see "R" rated movies and you are sitting next to them during nude and/or sex scenes.
  4. How cool it is to see them grow into the people they're supposed to become. When they pop your expectation bubble in the best of ways is so much fun.
  5. How much you really were unaware of. Once they grow up & move out and start to tell stories at a holiday dinner about stuff they got away with. Man. I thought we were on top of stuff, but listening to them tell stories, you just say, "I am so glad I didn't know about that then."
  6. How awesome it is to give away your daughter to the guy you've prayed for over 20 years at the altar.
  7. Everybody says kids give you character. Hogwash. Kids expose your character. In both good and bad ways.
  8. How much life teenagers can give a home when they have friends over. So much loud and fun and laughs.